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Debugging PHPUnit with VS Code

By Chris Tattum | June 24, 2019

Add the following to the CLI php.ini file. Note: this is not the same as the one Apache uses in WAMP/MAMP etc. Also note […]

Debugging on Laravel Homestead using VS Code

By Chris Tattum | June 15, 2019

Edit the Xdebug ini file in your Vagrant Homestead box:- Make sure the contents look like this:- The important settings are the idekey and […]

Disabling Xdebug in Laravel Homestead

By Chris Tattum | June 15, 2019

Note, these instructions are for Homestead 7, so may change in future versions. To configure Xdebug and other PHP-FPM modules, you have to go […]

How to disable Gutenberg for specific post types

By Chris Tattum | March 27, 2018

WordPress 5 isn’t far off now, and it ships with Gutenberg, the brand new content editor. If you want to only allow the classic […]

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